Birbs, Sneks, & Other Aninmals

Birbs and sneks are some very popular aninmals in internet memes, following closely behind doggos and cattos. Our diagram gives a great explanation of the many names for different types of birbs, sneks, and all other aninmals in the aninmal kingdom.

Some of the different birb names are beach chicken, formal chicken, freedom glider, fancy butt, and pantless thunder goose. There are also popular photoshop memes, like Birds with Arms, Birds with No Legs, and Dirds. Dirds are h*ckin rare.

Sneks also make good pets and can be seen all over the internet. Sometimes sneks wear hats, or they’re scrunchies, or they go for walks. Other terms for a snek are also danger noodle, nope rope, and slippery tube dude. Beware of sneks with much venom!

Finally, there are several other aninmals in the aninmal kingdom because not everything is a doggo, catto, snek, or birb. Other aninmals include the flopwop, sea panda, wizard cow, stab rabbit, and fart squirrel.

As always, you can visualize anything —birbs, sneks, doggos, or cattos —with Lucidchart.

Credits for Photos with Attribution Requirements:
Birb – by Podgey . –
Beach Chikcen – by russellstreet –
Lovebirbs – by jinterwas –
Mohawk – by Jade Craven –
Snek – by D. Sikes –
Snazzy Snek – by golgarth – (changes made: added hat)
Snek Scrunchie – by calpal616 –
Snek Walk – by systemturtle –
Nope Rope – by David Jahn –
Floating Potato – by Robert Engberg –
Wizard Cow – by Analise Zocher – (changes made: added hat and staff)
Flopwop – Lynahe –
Stab Rabbit – by Jason Thompson –
Giraffe Sheep – Tim Green –


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