Birbs, borbs, and birbies—Internet Names for Birds

Birb is the internet’s name for bird. A round birb is called a borb. A rainbow-colored borb is a rainborb.

There are many names for the different parts of birbs. There are flappers, squeaky snifflers, meal spotters, landing gear, floofy pants, and the pooshoot, which also shoots out pre birbs. Pre birbs can turn into birbies, but sometimes they don’t. 🙁

Some birbs make great pets, like the lovebirb, budgie birb, pirate birb, whistling mohawk, majestic marshmallow, and angel birb. (Doggos also make great pets).

Birbs do all kinds of adorable things, like bathe, sing, and scream. They also love to get their head scritched, flirt, and party, and no one parties like the party parrot.

Many birbs are chickens, like the panda chicken, cobra chicken, fashion chicken, cereal chicken, zombie chicken (also known as the janitor eagle), park chicken, and Cluck Norris. He’s not a chicken, but he is busy kicking grass and taking grains.

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