Best Practices with Analytics

In the webinar, our VP of Analytics and Performance Management will guide you through the best practices when starting an analytics project and implementation, regardless of the technology being used in your organization.

You’ll learn:
– Why analytics is important
– How to get started on your analytics journey
– Key stakeholders that should be involved
– The key components to a successful project
– Critical success factors

Presenter: Brian Simpson, VP, Analytics & Performance Management, Newcomp Analytics
Brian Simpson is responsible for spearheading the Analytics and Performance Management practice at Newcomp Analytics. During his day-to-day, you can find Brian leading our team of financial consultants, project planning in his scrum meetings, building complex financial models, and delivering a killer technical demo. Brian joined Newcomp Analytics in 2013 after spending 7 years at IBM, where he quickly gained the reputation of a top-level TM1 guru. Brian’s experience in Quality Control, Lab Services, and Product Management led him to travel around the world helping clients and partners succeed with IBM Planning Analytics (TM1). To top that, Brian’s one of the original contributors to the TM1 Blackbelt course and was one of the very few who could deliver it. When he’s not discussing budgeting and forecasting, Brian enjoys drinking craft beer, gaming, and seeing The Glorious Sons live.

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