Best Practices for Optimizing the Requirements Process

For many years software projects have suffered delays and cost overruns due to ambiguous requirements and long cycle times. All the latest surveys of IT organizations show that the problem of bad communication between business and IT persists, with over half of all projects failing and bad requirements being blamed for the bulk of the waste. There has to be a better way. In this economy failure is no longer an option. But how do organizations go about transforming the requirements process?

This web seminar will focus on best practices for creating a fully optimized requirements life cycle that can be leveraged by any organization into project success. Drawing upon years of experience from many successful projects, the experts from Greenridge Business Systems will offer insight into how to take advantage of a “people, process and technology” approach to requirements that can have a dramatic positive impact. A case study involving a large-scale government project will also be showcased. Attendees will also learn requirements gathering best practices when large numbers of stakeholders are involved and how visualization reduces confusion through real-time collaboration and the use of fully immersive and functional simulations.

Topics covered will include:
◾How to enhance the requirements life cycle
◾Best practices for requirements gathering
◾Maximizing the value of stakeholder input throughout the elicitation process
◾How visualization integrates into the IBM Rational environment
◾Lessons learned & best practices for future projects

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