Being Human in a Digital World by Genevieve Bell at Mind the Product 2014

Genevieve Bell is an anthropologist and leads Intel Labs’ interaction and experience research. She uses qualitative and quantitative research into what people want, their desires, hopes and dreams to inspire next generation product design and technical innovation.

In this extraordinary talk at #mtpcon, she provokes and reflects on 15 years of researching the intersection of technology and social sciences. What is it that continues to make us human in an age where we are increasingly surrounded by digital technologies?

She argues that it is easy to be seduced by the transformations in technology into thinking that we as human beings are changing. But the reality is that most of the things that make us human actually change incredibly slowly.

Her talk is a fascinating journey for us product people because if you can focus on what makes us human, what does and what doesn’t change – you can make better products.

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