BAs and PMs Are Not Needed on Agile Projects — Or Are They?

We often hear comments like “There is no BA role on Agile projects, but since they interface with business stakeholders, they can fulfill the product owners (PO) role. Or “We don’t need requirements or project management on Agile projects.” Or BAs facilitate, so they should be the scrum masters.” Or a large part of the BA’s role is to document requirements and that’s not needed in Agile. There are so many myths swirling around related to roles on Agile projects that’s it’s difficult to tell fact from fiction.

This presentation sorts through these myths and explains:

Why grains of truth about Agile projects become myths
Why when both business analysis is needed on Agile projects
The difference between the roles of BA and PM and the work of business analysis and project management
The difference between a BA and a PO
The BA role on large Agile projects
Attendees will be able to discuss:
Myths relating to the Agile Manifesto, leadership styles, requirements, and testing on Agile projects
Where we fit in on Agile projects
How we can provide value as organizations adopt Agile
** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

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