BANT Sales Qualification Process using and Process Street – Create a Free Account

BANT Sales Qualification Process using and Process Street

**Why use this integration?**

* Using a checklist for sales qualification means it’s easy to add new SDRs to the team.
* Train and maintain consistency in your sales process.
* Keep your CRM data uniform by calculating opportunity value and configuring custom fields with Zapier (
* Inside, you can now hit one button (run qualification checklist) to instantly launch a BANT qualification checklist and populate it with the data from your CRM.
* You can use Process Street’s dropdown menus to categorize leads into use cases.
* The data you input in Process Street can be fed directly back into the CRM to create your call note.
* Checkboxes can automatically configure tasks in for your SDRs.
* Build out notes, opportunities and tasks while you log information on sales calls. This makes for zero data entry after each sales call and uniformity in your notes.
* Easily run reports on your structured data (because the data is formatted properly in your CRM and Process Street, not lost on a freeform note somewhere)

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