#BAFringe: S1E4 – Coaching, Cybersecurity, ‘Calling it out’ and what makes a great BA?

Series 1/Episode 4

A one-hour, livestreamed event that discusses ideas on the fringes of business analysis. This includes new perspectives, new ideas, and concepts from disciplines that intersect with business analysis. That’s the #BAFringe. It’s fun, experimental and authentically live.

Episode 4 will covers product management/product ownership, and their relevance to the BA. Hear four different perspectives from four guests.

– Product Principles with Alina Ghiarasim
– Product Ownership & Business Analysis: An interview with Allan Kelly
– Mindfulness as a crucial enabler for good business analysis with Kathy Berkidge
– Agile, Product Ownership/Management & Business Analysis with Angela Wick

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