BA Toolkit: Top Visual Models for Complete Business Analysis Webinar Jan 24 2019

How often do we hear “Create a data model? That’s not BA work,” or “Prototyping? Our developers do that.” Or “Use cases? Why won’t they just go away?!” Many organizations think that business analysis is all about asking questions and documenting the requirements. Although important, those skills are not enough. If we want a complete set of requirements, we need to model them. This presentation provides the key modeling techniques and tips for using them for project success.

During this presentation we cover the top models business analysis practitioners can use in their “toolkit” for complete requirements analysis. We will review each of the models by category and discuss the importance of modeling to getting the requirements right, emphasizing the relationship between elicitation and modeling.

This presentation focuses on:

The importance of modeling in getting requirements right
How models work together to reduce analysis time and provide complete requirements
When to use data, process, use case and prototypes models
Which models to use during major stages of the project lifecycle
The iterative nature of requirements elicitation and modeling

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