BA Fringe Season 3 Kick-off: Public Speaking, Diversity, Vision & Digital Transformation

BAFringe is a one-hour, livestreamed event that discusses ideas on the fringes of business analysis. This includes new perspectives, new ideas, and concepts from disciplines that intersect with business analysis.

In this episode we covered:

~ Public Speaking: Why it’s seen as scary, its relevance to BAs and tips for improvement— with Priyanka Agrawal
~ Diversity in Design: How a BA can influence Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in their products — with Sherry McMillan
~ Vision: What ‘vision’ is in the context of an organisation, and its relevance to business analysis? — with Leon Bamforth
~ Business Analysis in Digital Transformation: What are the key ideas and considerations a BA would need to take on board? — with Maria Becerra

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