Awesome Products : Inspiration or Iteration? Eben Halford, Agile on the Beach 2018

Watch this session on ‘Awesome Products – Inspiration or Iteration’ by Eben Halford from Agile On The Beach 2018.

We’ve all heard the stories of the lone entrepreneur who has a eureka moment and then turns the scribblings on the back of their napkin into a billion dollar household name, but is that what really happens? Is it all about having that one fully formed amazing idea that no one has ever thought of? Is there a repeatable process that product developers can follow to evolve their ideas to success?

In this session Eben sheds some light on the art of successful product development as told by entrepreneurs and product developers through their failures and success.

Eben started building digital products back when the web was just getting started. He built the first online insurance broking web service for Lloyds Bank in the mid 90’s and since then has held CTO positions in sectors as diverse as technology startups and branding agencies. Eben believes very strongly that the traditional model of top down organisational structure is a huge waste of human talent and that we must unlock that potential if we are to create a sustainable future for humanity. For the last ten years Eben has been helping clients find ways to unleash that untapped human potential.

Agile on the Beach is a leading annual conference in Falmouth, Cornwall UK. Since 2011 Agile on the Beach has been a two day agile conference, set on the Cornish coast with a beach party in between. The conference explores agile software, products, teams, business and practices. With over 400 attending, the conference hosts 50 seminars and workshops to provide the ultimate agile learning experience, along with ample opportunities for networking at its 3 evening events.

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