Ask Us Anything! Episode #20

Mark Graban and Dr. Greg Jacobson, of KaiNexus, take questions from the KaiNexus community.

(NOTE: the video feed cut out a few minutes in, so the rest of the video is audio only)

Greg asks Mark about his new book “Measures of Success” and the “Lean publishing” process.

How do you restart a culture that has slid backwards? (No continuous improvement activity in over 6 months).

Mark and Greg discuss printing and sharing improvements.

KaiNexus has been around a while… do you still consider yourselves a “startup?”

Can Lean be sustained, if employee (shopfloor people) turnover is constantly at high rates (25-35%) and there are no short/mid term chances to reduce it? If so, what ould be a good strategy for keeping Lean alive and active?


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