Ask Us Anything! Episode 17 – Continuous Improvement, Leader Standard Work, and More

Dr. Greg Jacobson and Mark Graban from KaiNexus answer questions from our community.

Today, they discuss:

– What are you looking forward to with your upcoming Toyota plant tour in San Antonio?

– “How do we sustain and grow our developing CI culture?
How to keep everyone active: recognize, coaching, reward, events, PR, leader standard work, …
What technology can do to support and enable continuous improvement?”

– How to connect between continuous improvement ,lean and quality?

– How to motivate and encourage our managers and leaders to have Leader Standard Work (LSW)? Do you have any process to follow? Taking small steps toward creation of LSW.

– How do you balance the need/benefit of Standard Work with encouraging people to think outside of the box and to look to continuously improve their work?

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