As a coach, what technology do you recommend to support virtual PI planning?

Steve Wolfe, Agile coach shares how Planview Leankit is a best in calss enterprise Kanban system.

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We were spread across seven teams, two continents, multiple time zones. We needed a tool that was going to support all that. Fortunately, we have one right at our fingertips, Planview LeanKit. And I’m just going to put in a little plug in here, from my experience as an Agile coach working with multiple tools, multiple companies, it really is a best-in-class Enterprise Kanban system. And this board, for me, was actually the fun part. It’s truly delightful to use. We created this board, which you can see here, to allow us to visualize the whole plan across our entire value stream. It also was a board that we used throughout the event, real time, as well as before the event as we moved through preparation to planning out the key deliverables for the PI.

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