As a coach, how do you prepare for a virtual PI planning event?

Steve Wolfe, Agile Coach discusses how he and the team prepared for virtual PI planning including technology, communication plan, agenda, and pre-recordings.

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We were spread across seven teams, two continents, multiple time zones. We needed a tool that was going to support all that.
Preparation always matters with the any planning event, but it matters even more in a virtual event. We kind of knew that going in, but we really wanted to make sure that we covered every possible item and contingency that might come up. So, we started planning in earnest about four weeks out. Our first decision was pretty easy: what communication platforms are we going to use? We use the ones that the corporation uses, Planview uses, Zoom and Slack, familiar to everyone, easy to setup and use and they worked really well for us.

Understanding that this is going to be our very first virtual event and it had to be virtual for obvious reasons, we made a really critical early decision and that was to spread our planning over four half-days versus trying to do it in the traditional two full day structure.

We knew that this was going to feel different as well for our folks involved, executed differently, the agenda being an obvious example. We wanted our folks to feel as comfortable coming into the room as possible, so in addition to being really detailed in the agenda, we did a number of upfront orientation sessions.

We did these with our leaders, with our teams, with the facilitator, the scrum master, all the folks involved. And as if that wasn’t enough, we sent out some pre-recordings to walk people through the structure of the event, along with some detailed process documentation so they knew the inputs and outputs and the key breakouts and I’m pleased to say everyone really paid attention to that and helped us really execute the thing with very little issues and overhead.

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