Are you Caught in the Glare of Innovation Headlights

Are you Caught in the Glare of Innovation Headlights?
Richard Frost, Enterprise Design Lead, Yorkshire Building Society

Webinar Overview:

The initial hurdles of a Transformation or Innovation initiative can seem overwhelming. How do you get out of the headlight glare and get on with your idea?

• Coming up with an idea, levels of challenge, the shock of the new
• Evaluating your idea, common mistakes, what experience tells us
• Gaining support, the funding trap, getting started
• Building up steam, learning the lessons, delivering early and often
• When just enough is good enough, when to stop, transitioning to live

Building on experience delivering innovative and transformative projects from the 1980s to the present day, this session will break down the steps needed to be successful at challenging the status quo and delivering essential change and learnings. It will cover how everything is different in the post Digital age and yet how much we can learn from what came before.

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