Architecture Skills for Business and IT Professionals – Mike Rosen Seminar

Michael Rosen discusses his public seminar that can also be run as an in-house course for your organisation Seminar Information is available at:

Many organizations have embraced business, enterprise or IT architecture, created architecture organizations, and given people the job title of ‘architect’. While these architects do their best, they don’t always have insight or training into specific architectural skills or the industry best practices associated with being an architect.

Luckily, there is help. This workshop focuses on the principles and skills needed to be an effective architect. Whether you’re an enterprise architect, business architect, solution architect, IT architect, or software architect, this course will provide practical principles, skills, and techniques for improving your job. The course explores the architectural skills involved in supporting a project or architecture from ideation and conception through design and implementation, and the engagement models and interactions with different stakeholders.

The workshop is structured as a mix of presentation, interactive discussion and group based exercises, with an emphasis on applying the new concepts and skills to example scenarios during the facilitated exercises.

Learning Objectives
Delegates will gain an overall understanding of architectural skills and principles and how to apply them, including:
• Applying architectural principles to decision making
• Effective inquiry and analysis of problems
• Mastering the different aspects of abstraction
• Conceptualizing and visualizing a solution
• Formalizing architecture as specification
• Interaction with stakeholders

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