Aninmal Memes Explained

There have been many popular memes that have graced the internet over the years, and several of them involve animals. Here at Lucidchart, we love and respect memes, so we thought it would be helpful to diagram some of these advice animals out in a chart.

The first internet meme that you should know about is the actual advice mallard. This one is used when you have actual good advice. The alternative is the malicious advice mallard, which is used for bad advice that you shouldn’t follow. If there’s advice regarding overcoming obstacles, use courage wolf. But if it’s completely psychotic advice on overcoming obstacles, use insanity wolf.

Socially awkward penguin is used for socially awkward situations, obviously. The opposite of this is the socially awesome penguin. When something starts awesome, but turns out awkward, use the socially awesome:awkward penguin. And for boring, normie situations you should use the socially average penguin. But that one’s sort of lame. For socially awkward situations, you can also use awkward moment seal.

If something involves deep-thinking, use philosoraptor. If something’s not-so-deep-thinking and uses terms like “henlo, fren, and hecc,” use doge. For controversial or taboo opinions, use unpopular opinion puffin. And for controversial or taboo confessions, use confession bear. A lot of people use these incorrectly, but that’s none of my business. This is an example of when to use the meme of kermit sipping tea, which is called “But that’s none of my business.” Finally, when something’s especially gratifying, use seal of approval.


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