Analyze and Design the Conversational Flow for a Chatbot

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Using a decision tree, draft a chatbot structure and chatbot paths including user choices, decision points, and outcomes while following the lean principles

Figuring out how to show the flow or the conversation is not easy. Turns out that it is often a personal preference that makes the difference. We are going to introduce three methods that have worked for us.

In this video, we will introduce Lucidchart, a free online tool for drawing diagrams of all kinds and a great tool for thinking your way through the logical paths of a chatbot before you start creating it. This is powerful regardless which chatbot platform you choose.

You will learn how to evolve a decision tree that represents the flow of a conversation without considering the wording of each element. In addition, you need to present the logic of capturing user choices and determining when to turn the chat over to a human.

The video also demonstrates how to structure and design a complex condition that simplifies the entire conversation flow.

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