Agile Collaboration to Improve Requirements Productivity Webinar

Product development teams are embracing collaboration as a way to align everyone around the requirements, improve overall efficiency and drive quality. Unfortunately some people on your team might be reluctant to fully embrace collaboration on the grounds that it is “too noisy,” “complicated,” or “exposes too much.”

So how do you leverage collaboration and pull in the right people to utilize their knowledge at the right moment while satisfying concerns about excess chaos? How do you share the right info at the right time to keep everyone in sync and in agreement? To understand this balance we’ll need to take a look at what collaboration really means.

Summary of what you’ll learn:
· The difference between collaboration and social
· The impact on your product from sharing information early vs late in the process
· How collaboration improves productivity
· What is “Context” and how is it relevant
· Why Agile is less about stories and more about collaboration

Join this webinar and learn how to improve your requirements and save time by collaborating more efficiently while staying in control of your project.

Visit us to view “BA Effectiveness through Social Traceability & Collaboration”, the second part in this collaboration series.
** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

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