Add shapes to an existing flowchart in for Atlassian Confluence & Jira

Never feel limited by a finished diagram. Things change and your diagrams should be able to change with you. Learn how to add shapes to your flowchart in for Confluence & Jira.
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Should You Use Customers Surveys For Product Creation?

“Run a customer study”, you’re told. It’s throughout the net: “Ask customers what they want”; “figure out what problems you can solve for them”; “ask them what they need to make sure that you can supply it”. This looks like excellent advice. But is it?

The Excuse Virus

Are way too many Americans infected with the entitlement infection? Do we make way too many excuses for our mistakes and also issues? Some errors were made on our part by others, yet we need to deal with them. We can not reside in temper and with sensations of vengeance, yet we need to relocate forward where we are to make things far better for everybody.

4 Ways Gmail For Business Can Increase Your Productivity

Gmail for service is just one of a variety of Google Application for Company to see a spike in appeal in the past year. Not just does Google pride itself on much less downtime after that Microsoft exchange or any various other web server, the cutting-edge plugins as well as applications that are offered for Gmail for organization objective to boost your teams efficiency.

Creating a Time Control Plan

Years ago I really fought with obtaining points done. What made it most aggravating is I HAD the time, however was getting slowed down in the voices in my very own head! Yet I’ve had people for many years comment concerning how amazed they are at all the important things I do.

Defeat Procrastination With This Doable To-Do List

If you are a dawdler one simple modification can make all the difference. You require the commitment of a to-do list in order to quit putting things off. An everyday order of business that is genuinely do-able within the day. It’s not the only modification you require, it’s simply a crucial one.

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