A Year in the Life of Data Governance – from Conception to Teething – Lindsay Towler | IRM UK

User Insights from the IRM UK Master Data Management Summit & Data Governance Conference Europe 2018

Lindsay Towler, Product Information Manager, Arco
Stuart Squires, Managing Director EMEA, Comma Group

This talk explores Arco’s recent journey to set up their data governance organisation. They will focus on “why” Arco needed data governance, looking at the drivers that led to them embarking on their journey and how it fits into their wider strategic objectives. They will then delve into “how” they went about setting it up – the challenges they faced and the approach taken. They will then focus on what has ben delivered and how this has enabled Arco’s business to prepare for what comes next on their data journey. The talk will then reflect on learnings to date and explore what could have been done differently? Is the data governance supporting the initial “why” that led them to begin and crucially what comes next?

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