A TP3 Approach to Manage Manufacturing Competitiveness After the Pandemic [Webinar Recording]

See slides here: https://info.kainexus.com/continuous-improvement/manufacturing-after-a-pandemic/webinar/signup

Presented by
Roy Vasher, WHIN Education Consultant, Purdue University
Steve Dunlop, Managing Director of Dauch Center for DCMME & GSCMI
Ananth Iyer, Senior Associate Dean, Purdue University
Dr. Angus McLeod, VP of Coaching at AMA

Hosted and moderated by Mark Graban

This webinar is focused on manufacturing, but will have important lessons related to leadership and supply chain operations — important issues in any industry these days.

Listen to a quick preview:

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

How focusing on Technology, Product, People and Process (TP3)are key to holistic management of pandemics through to the New Normal

The role of Agility in keeping ahead of events

Why and how communication can create trust or lose trust

A psychological and work-culture ethos for opportunity, not threat

Why now is the time to shift focus from fire-fighting to strategy

How Infection control audit and measures leverage Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to reduce infection threats and helps us focus on efficacy enhancement, not just costs/wastes

Why investing in technology is immediately a more affordable and strategic advantage then it was before the pandemic

Why our multi-tasking tool helps during the pandemic and helps beyond the New Normal

Why re-shoring strategies now make even more sense than they did prior to the pandemic

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