A marriage made in heaven! How ED&I and project management can be lived on earth

A marriage made in heaven! How ED&I and project management can be lived on earth webinar

Tuesday 24 May 2022
APM Programme Management Specific Interest Group

Presented by
Amit Popat and Jaspal Kaur-Griffin

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Content description:
Unless you are a specialist in equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I), the subject can seem confusing. The common message we hear among peers is that project management and ED&I do not tend to be the best bedfellows in an organisation – project management is often used as a tool for core strategic programmes, whereas the ED&I agenda can often get tagged on like a poor cousin. Our experience has shown that this is wrong. Project management can be very effective not just in helping clear the mist that sometimes surrounds ED&I, but also in helping embed ED&I best practice within an organisation. What’s more, ED&I can also improve organisational effectiveness if it is embedded in all stages of the project management cycle – yes, they are symbiotic (even a love affair waiting to happen!).

This webinar explored why it’s important not to work in silos; acknowledging and embracing a spirit of interdependence is vital for success and making a positive impact on any agenda we are working on.

We know it’s challenging bringing together conflicting ways of working, styles, and processes when engaging on a project or aiming for a common goal, however the benefits are far greater. The same goes for the challenges of ED&I, managing difference in an organisation is not easy or for the faint hearted – hence the need for organisations to give structure to ED&I through effective project management. Marrying the two agendas can increase collaborative working, cross team knowledge sharing, building leadership skills across levels of employees involved, keeping work interesting helps with employee engagement and hence improves productivity.

This webinar shared some practical steps on how project management provides the perfect tools with which to truly embed, monitor and deliver ED & I in all organisations.

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