A closer look at the sketch feature in draw.io for Confluence

The sketch feature in draw.io for Confluence has many customization options available to you. Learn what you can do to customize your diagrams even further!


Get your 30-day trial – draw.io is available on the Atlassian Marketplace (https://drawio.link/marketplace)

Or learn more about diagramming with draw.io at https://drawio-app.com/learning. You can also take a look at our blog (https://drawio-app.com/blog) to always stay up-to-date on new draw.io features in Confluence and Jira.

How Can Document Scanning Improve My Company’s Efficiency?

Businesses big and small throughout the globe are always seeking new as well as far better methods to boost their efficiency. Record scanning is one of those services that isn’t usually thought about to make that much of a distinction, but when done on a larger range it can make a substantial difference to, not simply the way a company operates, however likewise their productiveness. File scanning firms these days have the ability to efficiently deal with 10s of countless files daily, transforming them as rapidly and also as properly as feasible, in addition to indexing as well as also OCRing them if the customer …

How to Generate Ideas in a Group Meeting

This article provides 4 strategies to help a team create innovative suggestions to attend to an obstacle or job. As soon as an environment is set that makes it safe to use ingenious concepts, then make use of these tactics to aid the group generate new, fresh concepts.

Departmentalize Financial Statements by Units for Ultimate Efficiency

Many companies have difficulty event and refining their financial information due to the fact that just one system exists to process all purchases. When the time involves include everything up, it comes to be tough since the amount of info is not strategically streamlined in certain locations.

4 Things Not To Do When It Comes To Productivity

As we awaken in the morning, the points we do first are going to determine your entire day. That’s because everyday of life is a new chapter, and also no various other day is the exact same as yesterday. That’s for sure. Lots of people believe that days are comparable, due to monogamy, developing this impression in their heads or doing the exact same activities that establish the very same outcomes, but in some way expecting various end result.

Bitter Medicine: Purging the Small Account

Maybe the gravest issue facing the owner of little and also medium-sized holiday company is how to “remove” tiny, expensive accounts. It is very important to note at the start that accounts ought to not be removed on a wholesale basis, but rather changed as new, bigger accounts are protected.

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