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Nintex Promapp is a single source of the truth for Gallagher Bassett, a global business specializing in risk services.
Business process management is a key player for the Gallagher Bassett team, because their business spans across many different sections of the industry like government, insurance carriers, and large corporate clients, requiring full compliance with various regulations.
Gallagher Bassett is frequently audited, both internally and externally. Nintex Promapp enables teams to capture information relevant to the audits, and report on it. They are also able to manage variations across various states and jurisdictions, capturing the nuances that come with each geo that they operate in. This functionality underpins their confidence to expand into further regions in the future.
Having a visual of their processes is key to the Gallagher Bassett team, along with the fact that Nintex Promapp is also a central repository for their documents. The platform can record any incidents that take place and customer feedback can be logged, for audit and compliance purposes, making Nintex Promapp the process platform their teams love to use.

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