5S Methodology – Lesson 5 – Standardize, Sustain and Safety

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Here there is the transcript of the video

The “Standardize” step where most of the 5S program starts to fail!

The team has to decide who does what and when in a very detailed way.

I already told you something in the Shine Step and the tool I would like to suggest is the RACI table.

My suggestion is to make the RACI table visible in the area so everyone can always know what is his/her task to carry out.

Further, you have to remember that in the standardize you have to include:

Work Balancing.

The last step of the 5S Methodology is the “Sustain”.

This step is about participation and improvement.
The goal is to make the “5S” a habit.

The best way is to create something like a competition among departments with the leadership auditing the areas and giving awards regularly.

What is normally done in some companies is a regular walk with audits.

First-Line Supervisor audit on a daily base.
Area Manager on a weekly base.
Section Manager on a monthly base.
Plant Manager on a quarterly base.

Some companies speak about 6S.

They add the Safety to the 5S.

There are a lot of links between the 5S Methodology and the Safety because with an excellent 5S implementation you can reduce a lot of risks, you can get ergonomics and remove unsafe conditions.


I strongly suggest starting with a 5S program in some areas you want to learn the methodology.

The best way to learn 5S is by doing it!



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