5S Methodology – Lesson 1 – What is 5S in Lean

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### Here the Transcript of the Video ###


in this 5S training, I will explain to you all the aspects of the 5S Methodology in great detail.

The 5S Methodology is the most popular tool in Lean.

The 5S methodology is a way to keep workplaces safe, clean and productive but there are good and bad aspects to take into account.

Are you sure you have to start your lean journey with 5S?

5S Benefits

It is easy to implement
Usually has a good impact on quality and productivity
Tell the organization that Lean has arrived

5S Disadvantages
Can move the attention not the real priority
Can be seen only as a clean-up
Lean can be associated only to 5S


remember that the real objective of a 5S Program is:
Reduce 7 wastes
Reduce Variation
Improve Productivity

5S Programs that are successful are in workplaces where there is the need to achieve there 3 goals.

5S is also a change of mindset
My company is unorganized and messy
My company is very well organized and everyone knows where everything is.

The 5S meaning starts from the Japanese words:
Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke.

In English are commonly used:
Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain.

You have to remember them in the right order and start a 5S Program by following them strictly without jumping steps.

Normally, starting with a 5S is often a good choice but you have to perform each “S” properly.

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