5S Example – A True Story and Corporate Real Application

A 5S example through a fact that really happened. Further, I will tell you other videos where you will find 5S examples from corporate.

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🎥 5S Example at Workplace

🎥 5S Example at Home

🎥 5S Example at Weber

🎥 5S Example at Toyota

👉 Here the transcript of the video.

In this video, I want to tell you an example of 5S through a fact that really happened.

Then, I will give you a list of videos, that I have collected over the years, with examples of 5S actually applied by large companies and Lean Thinkers.

If you do not know what the 5S Methodology is, see my tutorial. You will find the link into the description.

▶ Let’s start with the story.

A supporter of mine started earning about $ 700 a month after our training session on the 5S methodology.

In my LeanVlog project, we have virtual meeting moments on different platforms.

In one of these meetings, I explained the 5S methodology to my supporter.

I want to stress that this person was not an expert on Lean, and she had decided to follow the group because she was fascinated by some concepts of lean thinking.

After hearing my explanation of the 5S methodology, and how this method can make the living spaces better, she had an illumination.

She had a habitable attic that she had occupied with obsolete material.

She kept these materials with the classic, “could be useful in the future” mentality.

Driven by this conversation that we had on the 5S methodology, she decided to apply the method to this attic by following precisely the steps.

After applying the method, this supporter of mine found herself with an empty attic, which she was able to furnish with new furniture.

Living in a tourist area, she decided to rent it on the online platforms.

Well, from that moment, a space that was used badly, and did not bring her a profit, has become a fixed income for her of about 700 dollars a month.

▶ Ok, now let’s move on to other examples.

In the description, you will find a complete list of videos with examples of 5S, that I have collected and organized over the years.

In particular:

Examples of 5S in the workplace.
Examples of 5S in the home.
Examples of 5S in large companies such as Toyota and WEBER.
And many more.

▶ Conclusions.

In this video, I wanted to highlight a non-industrial example of the 5S methodology, to make people understand that Lean Thinking is applicable to every aspect of our life, with tangible results.

Furthermore, I wanted to talk about how participating in the LeanVlog group, can have important benefits in acquiring new knowledge and putting it into practice.

Finally, I wanted to share a list of interesting videos with examples of personal and corporate 5S.

If you want more information on how to participate and support the LeanVlog community, look at the link in the description below.



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