5 steps to better quality requirements – with Ian Alexander

‘This talk gives you, in a very short amount of time, some of the most valuable requirements information you will hear this year’

Join thought leader Ian Alexander, noted requirements guru and author of ‘Discovering Requirements’ to learn key techniques for uncovering poor quality and incomplete requirements.

In this no-cost, one-hour Web seminar, you’ll see:
• Key Validation techniques for uncovering quality issues during the requirements process
• Clear check lists for spotting quality issues that threaten your projects
• Practical “how-to” tips based on real-life project examples
• An understanding of how to automate the validation of your documented Requirements with clear metrics using the VisibleThread quality solution.

This co-hosted webinar will provide you the information you need to significantly improve the quality of requirements in your organisation and see how this can be achieved in an automated way eliminating tedious manual review cycles.

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