2020 04 15 Digital Design Professional for Today’s Digital Ecosystem Webinar

Today’s innovative digital solutions are driven by technology and disruptive business models. To design a digital solution, you need to consider hardware, software, the physical environment, and the desired business model as well as the people that will use the system. Look for example at a Smart Home solution where light, heating, doors, windows, cameras or smoke and water detectors can be controlled from anywhere (at home or abroad) by different devices like a smart watch, smart phones, or voice-controlled devices like Echo Dot, Google Home or HomePod.

As a Digital Design Professional, you need to know and to understand the capabilities and limits of the available technology, in order to build the best possible digital solution that solves existing problems and meets the needs of the intended users. In short: The Digital Design Professional needs to understand the problem and solution space to create the best solution.

The idea of digital design is to understand “digital” as a material to shape digital solutions, like the way a carpenter understands wood as their material to build solutions. We will show that this understanding significantly improves our ability to design a digital solution.

When you attend, you will:
Understand the relationship between classical materials science and digital design,
Understand the idea of “DIGITAL” as material to shape a digital solution,
Learn about the aspects of form, function and quality for the digital solution, and
Learn how to differentiate between perceivable vs. underlying technology

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