2018-10-12 Elements of Business Modeling Webinar

Every sector today is being led by the wealthiest technology business leaders in history because those leaders embraced technology as a strategic capability. Eighty percent of executives believe “their business models are under attack” according to McKinsey Research. Leading organizations need business architects to build better business solutions.

Organizations who plan to survive rapid technology, cultural changes, cyber security threats, artificial intelligence, and demands for more business agility must find skilled business architects who guide, analyze, recommend, communicate, and guide high risk transformations. Are you a strategic business analyst who wishes to grow your career?

In this webinar you will understand key Elements of Business Modeling insights and techniques required to become a highly effective business architect?

Topics covered include:

Strategic modeling
Stakeholder Analysis
Capability model
Concept model
Customer Journey
Process Scope
Key Deliverables

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

Ramsay Millar, Business Architect

Ramsay is an experienced global expert delivering business and technology alignment with demonstrated success while harmonizing complex domains of experience. He is a proven mentor, business leader, business architect, enterprise architect, business analyst, project manager and software architect with excellent leadership and team building skills. Ramsay is a contributing member of the Association of Enterprise Architects, International Institute of Business Analysts, Business Architecture Guild, The Open Group, and The Object Management Group.


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