2018-09-13 Requirements in Context Webinar

Scott Ambler, a key founder of the Agile movement accurately stated, “If a requirement was misunderstood, all modeling decisions based on that requirement are invalid, the code written is also in question, and the testing efforts are now verifying the application under the wrong conditions”. Project failures caused by poor requirements management are now reduced from 72% in 2005 to about 55% today by using proven best practices. We need to get closer to 10% to be a mature industry. Imagine if 55% of the homes built had to be built over and over.

Requirements skills and importance continue to grow. Organizations who plan to survive rapid changes like cloud migration, cyber security threats, artificial intelligence, enterprise transformation projects and an aging workforce leaving with years of knowledge need to manage requirements across a wider landscape of stakeholders as the digital revolution gains in importance. C Level leaders are learning that when their IT organizations ignore requirements quality, reuse, and traceability they suffer fines over $47 million USD.

Learn how to improve your practice using effective methods, techniques, and tools. In this webinar you will learn insights, methods, techniques and tools used by a proven and pragmatic journeyman Business Architect Learn how to become a highly effective Business Analyst and save your organization pain and cost?

Topics covered include:

Requirements across the entire landscape
The semantics of Requirements
Reuse Requirements
Requirements traceability
Requirements Management tools

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

Ramsay Millar, Business Architect

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