10 Questions About Change (…answers will be provided)

10 Questions About Change (…answers will be provided)
Chris Hughes, IT Change Manager, Warburtons Ltd

Webinar Overview:

A Change Manager will often ask or be asked certain questions about a change. This session will cover examples and solutions to key questions such as, do we have the right project team?

Come along to find out what the other 9 are.

The session will also cover:

• Take away tips on communicating about IT changes
• Bringing people along the journey who think differently to you
• Making something stick
• Some examples of lessons learned from over 10 years of delivering IT Changes at Warburtons Ltd (the bread people!)
• How to turn the change curve that you’ve probably heard of…on it’s head
• At the end of the webinar there will be a Q&A session so please come prepared with questions.

Chris Hughes has worked at Warburtons Ltd in Bolton for over 15 years, with a background in IT Training Delivery, making the finals of the Institute of IT Training Trainer of the year. He is Prosci accredited and has a passion for putting people at the centre of changes.

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